20 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

Keyboard shortcut is one way to reduce the time needed for performing an action when using computer. Instead of clicking, you can just press certain keys on the keyboard. Lets see 20 useful keyboard shortcuts that can be applied in your daily life so that you can increase your productivity.



Alt + Tab

Switch between opened programs.

Ctrl + A

Select all text.

Ctrl + B

Bold selected text.

Ctrl + C

Copy selected item.

Ctrl + F

Search for word.

Ctrl + I

Italicize selected text.

Ctrl + N

Open new window.

Ctrl + S

Save current document.

Ctrl + U

Underline selected text.

Ctrl + V

Paste copied item.

Ctrl + Y

Redo an action.

Ctrl + Z

Undo an action.

Ctrl + +=

Type very small letters below the line of text (subscript)

Ctrl + Shift + +

Type very small letters above line of text (superscript)

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Interrupt an action (can be used to open Task Manager)

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Open Task Manager.

Windows key

Open Start Menu.

Windows key + E

Open File Explorer.

Windows key + I

Open Windows settings.

Windows key + Space

Switch input methods.


The keyboard shortcuts represented in the table above are only parts of the available shortcuts. If you know any other keyboard shortcuts, kindly leave your comment.