Introduction to Mandarin:Beginner guides

Learning languages that are not your mother tongue and be a multilingual person is such a great way to add extra value to yourself. One of the most popular languages in the job market and among the employers is Mandarin. It is also a widely spoken language in the world besides English so I think it is good for us to learn Mandarin. Before you proceed, there are few important!!!  things that you need to know about it.

1. Tones
This is the most important things when learning Mandarin. Why I said this is important? This is because the tones will affect the way you pronounce the words and different pronunciation leads to different meaning. I'm sure that you guys don't want people to misunderstand. If you do not follow the correct tones when talking to your friends or someone that you knows, it is still acceptable and they happily want to correct your mistakes. However, if you are talking to strangers, probably you will be in trouble. There are four main tones in Mandarin, plus one neutral tone.

2. Pinyin
Pinyin is the Romanization of Chinese characters which helps people to pronounce the words properly. This is because one Chinese character may have multiple pronunciation. The way we write pinyin is same with English or Malay except that pinyin include the tones for the words. It is very helpful for the beginners but bear in mind that Chinese do not write in Pinyin so you need to know about Chinese characters also.  

3. Chinese Characters
Chinese characters are logograms for Chinese writing. Usually each character have story behind it which can help you to remember the way of writing it. Somehow the way it look like represents the meaning of the words. For example,  (ren2) means person. Writing Chinese characters really need time, hard work and patience especially for the beginners. As the starting, you can write pinyin below the Chinese characters so that you can get an idea on how to read it.

Notice: This is just a brief introduction to Mandarin. I'm also still learning, so if there is any mistakes, kindly comment down below (use an appropriate and motivating words). You are also welcome to share your experience in learning Mandarin.

Wait for Part 2. Have a nice day😊