First Day in University: Tips for freshies

Getting an opportunity to study in university is such a good achievement in life. All parents will feel happy and proud if their children pursue study in university either for foundation, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate level. However, going through the first day in university is not easy because you are not familiar with the new place. Hence, I would like to share the tips which can help all the freshies to go through their first day smoothly.

Do research about the university
You have to do research before you apply for the university and before you go for the registration day. It helps you to know better about the university especially about the policy and procedures. For example, credit transfer procedures. Besides, you can search the map of the university so that you will not lost during the first day.

Read other people's experiences
In this modern day, we can see that many bloggers talk about their personal experiences. Therefore, you can Google the experiences of studying in the university that have been chosen by you. By reading others' experiences, you are able to get any overview on the life in that university. Probably you can know the subjects that you are going to take, the teaching style and place to eat.

Explore the campus
Usually each university will do an orientation program for freshies so you have to come one week earlier before the first day of class. You should utilize this time to really explore the campus. Maybe you can spend some time in the evening or during the break to just walk around the campus. The important places that you have to know are your faculty, admin office, your classes and food court. Other places like gymnasium, main field or library, you can find later.

Be friendly and talk to others
When you are alone at a new place, this is a very useful tips that you can apply. You need to have the skill to communicate with others. Try to make as many friends as you can during the orientation including with seniors. Usually the seniors are willing to help freshies like you but you have to tell them that you need help because they would not know if you just keep quiet.

Come early on first day
Make sure you wake up early and go to class early on the first day. If you need to cross the road in order to go to your class, then this tip is meaningful for you. This is because going to class on peak hours can waste your time since you have to wait for quite long time before you can cross the road. Apart from that, it is common for freshies to lost and enter the wrong class. If you really do not know where to go, just ask anyone that you meet when you are on the way to class.

I hope that the tips above can help you on your first day. I also used the tips when I first entered university and it works quite well with me. 

Good luck for your first day in university­čśŐ

Today Quote: Having "first time experience" can be a good day or unlucky day for you. However, do not give up if it did not happen like what you expected because at least you obtain the opportunity to experience it. Think in a positive way, some people don't even have chance to experience what you have experienced. 


  1. Couldnt agree more with the quote.. Bagus tips yang dikongsikan.. Bila kita research mengenai tempat yang akan kita belajar, membantu untuk kita survive sebenarnya..


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