EXPERIENCE: Hiking at Bukit Beruang @ Bear Hill , Melaka

Hi guys.
I am so sorry because I do not update this blog for few days. Since it is near the end of this trimester, I am busy preparing for my final exam. However, I will try my best to manage my time so that I have time for both.

These few days I have been thinking about new thing to do in my blog. Therefore, I decided to introduce new series which is Experience series. By the way, I already prepared an entry for Motivational Monday series for next week. In Experience series, I will be sharing my experiences in anything that I think are suitable to be shared here. For the first entry, I would like to share my hiking experience at Bukit Beruang @ Beruang Hill, Melaka.

Since these few weeks have been a tiring and stressful weeks, so my friends and I decided to go for hiking. It was my second time go hiking there. For your information, Bukit Beruang is nearby Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit beruang. It is exactly behind the school. In order to reach there, you need to pass through a housing area which is Taman Bunga Raya. It is a popular hiking destination for students especially Multimedia University (MMU) and Universiti Teknikal Malaysia (UTeM) students.

On the day that I went there, UTeM students were organizing an expedition. There were so many people as parents utilize the weekend to bring their children for hiking. I went there in the morning so it is not very hot. There are two ways to go up actually via the track or tar road. I prefer to go up using the track than the tar road. I do not know the road is how many degree and I have to continuously walking straight. It was very challenging for me and my leg started to feel pain. After all the struggles, I was finally arrived and could see the view from Bukit Beruang.

View from Bukit Beruang

For those who always go hiking, I do not think that it will be very challenging for you. For new hikers like me, you need a good stamina when go for hiking and remember to bring water so that you will not be dehydrated.

After hiking, we did not go back but went to the stall nearby to have breakfast. I had lontong for my breakfast. The lontong was very nice and I really enjoyed the food. I miss to eat this kind of traditional food actually and I was very happy that morning. Hiking at Bukit Beruang is such a good and memorable experience. I hope that there will be the third time and so on. See you in the next entry and have a nice day.



  1. Best hiking ni tapi tulah penat. Hahaha. Gudluck untuk final exam :)

    1. Betul tu, memang penat tapi best sebab dapat tengok pemandangan dari atas bukit. Terima kasih, Yea😊

  2. I think this is my first time reading about Bukit Beruang.

    1. I only know about it when I study in Melaka actually😂. Probably because it is not as popular as Broga hill and not much blogger write about it.

  3. Replies
    1. Memang sedap. Antara lontong yang kena dengan selera saya.


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