How I get idea for food entries?

Hello, my blog readers.
For those who always read the entries in my blog, probably you realize that I always write entries about food. Therefore, I would like to share with you the story behind all the food entries. Some of you may be wondering how I get the idea for the food entries so please read until the end of this entry.

First of all, you should know that I am not the one who like to eat previously. I just eat for the sake to survive😂. I am the one who always eat main meal only such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, no tea time or supper. That is why you rarely see I post about dessert or snack. However, since I enter university, I always use food as one way to release stress, besides YouTube and novel. I really miss my foundation life when I lose weight.

Sometimes, you might see that I posted few entries about expensive food in the same week. The truth is I do not go to expensive shop every week or eat expensive food every day.  I will take pictures of the food that look nice and keep them for memory. When I have time to update my blog and idea for writing, I will write the food entries.

Apart from that, usually I get the idea for food entries from my favourite food. Try to guess what is my favourite food (I have talked about it before this). I love to try different version of my favourite food and also try new menu from the restaurant that I like.

Not all the food that I try will be in my blog. This is because I only choose the food that I like or at least the rating is 8/10 which is the reason why you always see I give quite high rating for the food entries. I would not post about food that I do not like at all.

I also accept suggestions from other people such as friends and siblings. When I go out with my friends, they do give suggestion of food that I can try and write review in my blog. If you have any suggestion, do leave it in the comment section. Probably I will try if the place is near to me, the price is affordable and the food I like.

I think that's all for today's entry. I hope that you will keep visiting my blog and support my passion in writing although I might not able to update the blog as frequent as before. There will be more this kind of entry in the future but at the same time, I will write entries about other topic also.

Have a nice day. MayGod ease everything for you. 


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