Bioinformatics in Malaysia: 7 Universities Offering Bioinformatics Courses

Bioinformatics is a field that apply information technology (IT) in storing, analysing and understanding biological data. In a more simple way, we can say that bioinformatics is a combination of biology and IT. For your information, there are universities in Malaysia that are offering degree in bioinformatics although it is not as popular as other courses such as law, engineering, business et cetera.

Bioinformaticians and bioinformaticists are the persons who are working in the bioinformatics fields. Bioinformaticians use the bioinformatics tools that has been developed by others in dealing with biological data while bioinformaticists are the one that implement the algoritms and develop bioinformatics tools.

If we compare the development of bioinformatics field in Malaysia with other countries, it is still far behind because our people still do not aware about the value of bioinformatics in the future. For those who is aiming to work abroad, it is one of the field that you can consider to study. There are three main working fields that the students can choose from after graduated which are biology, IT or bioinformatics. So, let's see seven universities that offer bioinformatics course in Malaysia.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Campus
Bachelor of Computer Science (Bioinformatics)

Multimedia University (MMU) Melaka Campus
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Bioinformatics

Universiti Malaya (UM)
Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics started from 1999.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Bachelor of Science with Honours (Bioinformatics)

Monash University
Bachelor of Science

Universiti Selangor (UNISEL)
Bachelor of Bioinformatics (Hons)

Management and Science University (MSU)
Bachelor in Bioinformatics (Hons)

Stated above are only some of the universities that offer bioinformatics course in Malaysia. You might search other universities that are offering the same course. You can go to the universities' websites in order to get more details about the courses.


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