Debating in university?

Hi everyone.
I come back with another entry for my debate story. I have mentioned in my previous entry that debate has changed my life in a positive way (click here to read). I joined debate unexpectedly and unplanned but I fell in love with it. For your information, I have been in the debate team for two years which were during form 4 and form 5.

Some of you may think that two years are not a long duration. However, a lot of things have happen during that period and I wish that I could come back to that moments. Do you ever heard people saying that "once a debater, forever a debater"?

Someone have told me about the quote and I was wonder whether it is true and applicable to everyone. I admit that it is difficult for a debater to leave his/her debate team provided that they have good teammates. However, I cannot forever be with my teammates because we have to leave our secondary school and continue our study in university. We cannot become the representative for our school anymore after we completed our secondary school.

As someone who love debating, I am looking forward for an opportunity in debate even after my secondary school. Before I enter the university where I am studying now, I hope that they have a debate club and provide chances for the students to go for the debate competitions. I feel that I need to maintain the skills that I already have and I started to find information about debating at my university.

During the registration week, I found out that they have a debate club which is quite active joining debate competitions. At that moment, I thought that it was a good opportunity for me to continue my involvement in debate and learn more about it. 

After a few weeks in university, I went for the club registration week which was held for a few days. None of my friends were interested in debate so their main objective was not to find the debate club. I just walked around to find the debate club and I saw their booth. Do I register for the club? The answer is no. Why is it so? I do not want to tell the reasons now as I want to keep it for the next entry.

I will end here. Have a nice day😊.


  1. i would advice you to join the club. uni's debate season is the best thing in uni..
    you will love all the training sessions n the competition =D

    1. Thank you for your advice, SYM😊. I appreciate it.

  2. Waaaaah I always adore someone who can debate (bcause i'm not that confident and intellectual to be one hahaha) but hey, i know the struggle. To be the 'only one' among your friends. Hmmm.. but yeah, maybe you should just try and inshaAllah you'll find new friends.

    Whatever it is. Good luck, Jannah!

  3. Yea mmg selalu salute tgok debaters ni. Like, powernya lah korang debate. Huhu. Just do what you love Jannah 🙂 Keep going! Hehe


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