Facing obstacles and challenges in life is a normal thing. Everyone needs to go through this phase in their life. Have you ever feel tired with your life? Do you ever feel that the problems that you are facing right now are unbearable until you feel like quitting what you are doing? If your answer is yes, do not straightaway stop and please read until the end of this article.

First and foremost, ask yourself why you want to quit. Is it because of yourself or because of others? We can see that many people make decision with the influence from others. This is not the right way to make decision. You must ensure that you are emotionally stable and rational when you come out with feeling of quitting. Maybe it is not your intention to quit but you just do not really realize what are you thinking at that moment. Take a break from all your works and do self reflection to find out the reason.

Besides, try to find the pros and cons of quitting. Do quitting give good effect to you and how big is the impact? This is because if quitting is good for others, does not mean that it is good for you. For example, you see someone who just study until SPM but can become a successful businessman. You feel that you want to quit your study because the course you are studying is not what you like and you think that you can start to do business. Are you sure that you can succeed in the business? Working is much more challenging than studying and you do not really have people to guide you like in the university. If you cannot even stand with the challenges as a student, do you think you are strong enough to face the hardship of growing your business? You have the answer.

After all the efforts that you have put and hardship you have gone through, do you think that it is a waste if you are quitting now? Try to recall how hard you work to get your degree, go interview for your jobs, approaching someone that you like et cetera. If you are still a student, think of the money that your parents have spent for you. It is not easy to find money, so you should appreciate their sacrifices for you. If you are an employee, think of your achievements and passion in your job. Maybe some of the people do not like to see your good achievements and try to make you leave the company. Do you want them to kill your opportunity to build and expand your career? If you are someone who want to end your relationship with the special one, think of the efforts that both of you have put to be together. Are you sure you can find someone who is better that him/her?

Apart from that, try to think of what or who that helps you to be in where you are now. They always be at your side to motivate you and convince you that you are in the correct path. If they can motivate you and previously you are the one who decide to do what you are doing now, why you cannot continue to motivate yourself now? Try to gather all the strength to keep moving forward on the same path. Sometimes you know that you can do it but because of many external factors, you start to doubt yourself. It is very critical to find out what actually can prevent you from quitting.

You also must think whether you are going to regret for quitting or regret for not quitting. Only you know what is the best for you. If you think that quitting is better, just proceed. If you think that keep going is better, then find something that can continuously support you to move forward. No matter what is you decision, may God ease everything for you. It is your life so you have the right to decide and you must be prepared for the consequences of your choice.

Today's Quote: Sometimes quitting is the best thing to do but bear in mind that it is not the first thing to do. You need to think wisely and consider many factors before you quit something. If you are capable of keep going, why you want to stop here?


  1. I just quit from my job bcs of the boss

    1. Mudah-mudahan cepat dapat kerja yang baru ye. Kalau ada masalah dengan bos, susah sikitlah nak rasa bersemangat untuk pergi kerja. Mungkin rezeki Kak Farhana kat tempat lain.


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