Welcome back to Motivational Monday series. Today's series will be in the form of poem with some explanation which can be relate with our life. This is the second poem I posted in this blog.

*The poem is originally written by me. You are not allowed to copy, republished or do anything that violate the copyright. However, you can read, try to understand and give your opinion about the poem. Enjoy your reading.

Title: I'm Tired
I'm tired to be happy
Because I'm crying deep inside of my heart

I'm tired to smile
Because I'm in pain now

I'm tired to put effort in relationship
Because you never appreciate me

I'm tired to work
Because I work none stop

I'm tired to be kind
Because people take advantage on me

I'm tired to participate in events
Because people never realize my presence

I'm tired to offer help
Because they never say 'thanks'

But I hope I would not tired to live
Because I still have a lot of things to do

This poem is about someone who feel tired in facing a lot of situations in his/her life. All of us will go through this situation but at different stage of life. Stress and pressure in life including problems at workplace and problems with people around you can lead to the tiredness. 

If you are currently feel all this tiredness, take a break and give some time for yourself to heal. Do not ever think to give up with your life. Remember that your journey in life is still long and there are a lot of good things to happen in the future.

It is okay to feel tired as long as you do not feel tired to live. Bear in mind that ending your life is not a solution. If you think that you are not strong enough, find someone that can motivate you and give you strength to go through your daily life. Always pray to God to give you strength and patience to deal with all the obstacles in life.

People might not appreciate your kindness and good things that you have done but always remember that God knows about them and you will get your reward one day. Although people never appreciate what you have done, just continue to do good things as long as you can. They might not realized and  appreciate it now but they will search for it when you decide to stop doing it because human always do not appreciate what they have until they lose it.

Stay strong and be happy with your life😊


  1. Wah sangat bagus, memberikan rasa motivated

    1. Terima kasih, Etuza. Salah satu objektif blog ni adalah untuk memberikan perkongsian yang bermanfaat dan memotivasikan para pembaca.

  2. mmg sesuai utk ejulz ni.. hehehe

    1. Mudah-mudahan Ejulz lebih bersemangat lepas membacanya😊.

  3. good poem . kena dengan situasi saya sekarang huhuhu

    1. Terima kasih. Semoga lebih bermotivasi selepas baca poem ni dan diberikan ketabahan serta kesabaran dalam menghadapi segala ujian.


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