MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Sudden Responsibilities

Everyone has their own responsibilities in life which include responsibility to the parents, responsibility to the country, responsibility to the job and many more. Usually, we can expect what are the responsibilities that we are going to have as we are getting older. Our responsibilities are keep increasing together with our age.

However, have you been in a situation when you do not expect of getting a responsibility? Probably you get a phone call informing you need to take over someone's job for a while or maybe an email stating that you are going to get new position in the company.

It might be difficult for you to adapt with the current situation if you get sudden responsibility. You do not ask for it but you got it. Then, what should you do? Accept it, reject it or just ignore it? Actually, it depends on you.

The most important thing before you make any decision is to think wisely which choice is the best for you. Maybe you should think in a positive way instead of labeling the responsibility as a burden. It is normal for you to feel uncomfortable at first because it is something new and there is drastic change in your life. It is okay if you need time to adapt and accept it.

Always remember that you got the responsibility because someone believe that you are the right person to get it. They are confident with you and know that you will do your best no matter what responsibility is given to you.

If you are currently in this situation, I hope that you are given strength and patience to deal with all the obstacles. Always remember that something happen for some reason. Maybe you can use this sudden responsibility as a way to gain new experience and knowledge.

Today's Quote: Sometimes something happen unexpectedly in life. Getting sudden responsibility might cause you to feel uncomfortable. However, why don't you think in a positive way and try to adapt with the situation instead of thinking it as a burden? You got the responsibility because someone believe that you are the right person to get it and they are confident with you. 


  1. hai sy dtg bw lagi kt sini

    1. Hai, Sara. Terima kasih sudi singgah di sini. Saya akan blogwalking ke blog Sara juga.

  2. yeap betul tu. noted! hehhee. thanks for the motivation quote ;)

  3. pandang positif dan semuanya akan jadi postif dan membahagiakan..


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