Thank You for Everything

Hello everyone.
Today is 12 May 2019 which is a very special day (If you do not know, please check your calendar or just Google about it). Therefore, I would like to write a poem for someone special. Do read until the end of this entry if you want to know who is that person.

*The poem is originally written by me. You are not allowed to copy, republished or do anything that violate the copyright. However, you can read, try to understand and give your opinion about the poem. Enjoy your reading.

Title: Thank You for Everything
I know it is painful
When you are having contraction

I know it is challenging
To handle husband, children and career at the same time

I know it is tiring
When you do not get enough sleep

I know it is difficult
To sacrifice your "me time" for others

I know it is frustrating
When you are not able to do what you like

But you are able to go through them
Just for me

So thank you for everything, mum
I really appreciate it

This poem is dedicated for someone special in my life which is my mother and also for all the mothers out there. On this special day, I just want to show an appreciation to all the mothers who have sacrificed a lot for us. Without our mothers, we would not be here today.

Our mothers be with us not only after we are born. They carried us in their wombs for nine months before we can see this world. Becoming a pregnant woman is not easy. It is very tiring to live their daily life with morning sickness and changed physical appearance.

As a student in science stream, I have being introduced to the pregnancy journey from the lecture notes and my lecturer's experiences. I know the challenges and pains that our mothers need to go through during the pregnancy and delivery of the baby. Therefore, we should love our mothers and appreciate them.

A good child is not necessary to be someone that give wealth to their mothers. It is okay if you do not have money to bring your mothers for a holiday, eat at expensive restaurants or buy branded handbag for her. The most important thing is to obey your mother and do something that can make her happy.

Although mother's day is aimed to appreciate and celebrate all the mothers in the world, it does not mean that we only need to do that on this special day. We should love and appreciate our mothers all the time. If you are too busy lately and do not really have time for your mother, do make a phone call and plan a date with your mum.

Happy Mother's Day😊


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kak Sha. Happy mother's day to you.

  2. Bait² kata yang sangat menarik. Selamat hari ibu semua. 😘😘😘

  3. Replies
    1. Betul tu. Begitu banyak pengorbanan seorang ibu untuk anak-anaknya.

  4. selamat hari ibuuuu untuk semua ibu sedunia!! :)

  5. selamat hari ibu. sesungguhnya tiada kata dan tiada hadiah untuk para ibu kan :'(
    betapa besarnya pengorbanan mereka. kita kena hormat sangat pada ibu

  6. My mother is my world 🌷✨

    Nice poem by cik JR 👏🏻😎

  7. selamat hari ibu buat semua ibu

  8. beautiful poem for a beautiful person!


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