Attending International Conference On Information and Communication Technology (ICOICT) 2019

Last few days, I posted an Instagram story about traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Some of you might be wondering why I went KL. For sure, not for holiday. I went there to attend 7th International Conference On Information and Communication Technology (ICOICT) 2019. It was held from 24-26 July 2019 at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Although it was a 3 days conference but I only attended the first day because I did not want to skip so many classes. So, today I would like to share with you about my trip to KL.

We started our journey from campus very early in the morning, around 5.45 am. I think the reason why we had to face the traffic jam is because we reached KL during peak hour. Luckily, we managed to arrive at the venue on time and before VIPs arrival.


Actually, the conference was more to IT. Only the first keynote presented about a paper related to bioinformatics. But it's okay because I still enjoyed the conference. Do you know why? Of course because of the food. The food was really nice and really a lot. By eating at the conference, all of us did not need dinner anymore. So, this entry is mainly about the food during the conference😂. Lets get started. 

For breakfast, I did not eat a lot because I already ate breakfast. I woke up around 3 am and cooked my breakfast because I scared that I would have gastric if I eat too late. The breakfast available at the hotel were mee goreng, fruit cake, tea, coffee and milk. I only ate the fruit cake and drank tea. 

The real food heaven came during lunch. As you can see in the picture below, buffet was provided. There were different types of food such as western food, chinese food, malay food, dessert and many more. At that time, I was having difficulty to choose. Seriously, I did not have idea from where to start. 


After thinking, I decided to start with rice. I took kailan with yam sauce, chicken, cucumber and tempoyak. For me, kailan with yam sauce is unique. The sauce was in purple colour. It is very rare. I love the chicken also. However, I was a bit disappointed with the tempoyak because it is sour. At my house, usually we eat the sweet tempoyak and the sour one we cook it with ikan patin.

Lunch 1

 If you think that I will stop after the first plate, you are wrong. I continued for second round which was western food.  Actually I wanted to try spaghetti but seems like I have to wait for the food to be ready. Since I had time limitation for the lunch, I just took the food that had been prepared. My western plate consisted of burger, roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, corn, potato, lettuce and coleslaw.

Lunch 2

After the second round, I wanted to eat more but I almost reached my capacity already, so I just took dessert. I ate ice cream with the toppings as you can see below. I think all of you will think that I am the one who eat a lot but the truth is no. I always be the one to feel full first. I only eat a lot if I go to buffet or open house. My body automatically switch to hungry mode if I eat buffet😂.


All the students were required to come back to the ballroom after lunch as other sessions would take place. After the third keynote presented his paper, another food came. I was still full at that time. So, my friend and me were thinking to just stay in the hall while waiting for the coffee break to finish. Then, we changed mind and wanted to see the menu first before we decided to eat or not. Once we see the food, definitely we could not reject the food because it was chicken, our favourite food. So, you can see below. 

Coffee break

We ate samosa and chicken for the coffee break. You could only see two chicken but actually I ate 4 chickens. It was so nice and I could not reject it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed attending ICOICT especially for the food. Of course I enjoyed because of the knowledge and experience also. I will share my experience attending conference for the first time in Experience series later. Hope you enjoy reading my story. Have a nice day😊.


  1. Hihihi..makan jangan tak makan! 😆

    Teringat masa zaman cheq study dulu, especially during my master degree days. Bila pi conference tu memang wajib tibai buffet kat situ sampai kenyang 😂

    1. Betul tu, CS. Bukan senang nak dapat makan kat tempat mahal secara free😆. Time jadi student ni dapatlah merasa.

  2. Wah Makanan sedap3. Gigih bangun kuk 3 pagi memasak

    1. Haah, Mamapp. Tak boleh tidur dah masa tu. Jadi, lebih baik masak sarapan daripada rehat-rehat je menunggu waktu nak bertolak. Tak terasa lama sangat bila ada benda yang dibuat.


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