EXPERIENCE: How to choose final year project (FYP) title?

Hello everyone.
Previously, I have shared my experience in choosing supervisor for final year project (FYP). You may read that entry before reading this entry (click here to read). So today I am going to share my experience in choosing my FYP title.

I took around 1 month to choose my FYP title. Seems like I took quite some time before make a decision😂. This is because I want to ensure that I choose a title that suit my interest and ability. I do not want to simply choose the title as FYP can affect my CGPA and it could serve as one of the assessment for my job application later. Since fresh graduates may not have much working experiences, FYP can be used as part of resume/CV to attract the attention of the potential employer.

Before I approach my supervisor, I was thinking to do fyp related to a disease because I like pathology. I am interested to study how a disease develop and how to treat it. I planned to do research-based fyp on genomic (study on genome).

For your information, I started to approach my supervisor one semester before to ask about available FYP titles. Actually it is not necessary for you to choose the title one semester before (applicable to my university not sure about others). You can choose the title at the beginning of the semester when you are supposed to do FYP but the competition will be very big. So, I suggest you to find your title earlier.

During the first meeting, my supervisor gave list of available titles. After finding some information about all the titles, I was interested in one of the titles but the problem was my supervisor did not recommend me to choose the title. This is because it is difficult to get accurate result for the title. If I really want to choose that title, I have to figure out on how to make my result later is accurate. He asked me to read more articles and find other title that I like.

After few weeks, I still could not get the titles. Then, after Hari Raya, my supervisor gave one more title. Actually, he suggest two titles. One is research-based and one is application-based. So, I decided to choose research-based title as it was my original plan for my FYP although it is involving protein and not genome as I plan before. The reason why I did not choose application-based FYP is because I know my IT skills, interest and ability in developing an application.

Although my FYP title is about a disease that just being figured out recently and has lack of reference but my interest on that topic makes me eager to find out more information about it. I believe that interest can encourage us to put more efforts on what we are doing.

So, what I can say about choosing FYP title is find your interest and make sure the title that you choose is within your capability and skills. Do not choose title that you are also not sure whether you are capable to complete your FYP or not. Apart from that, please do not simply follow your friends. Just because your friends chose that supervisor, you also chose the same supervisors although you are not interested with the title. Only you know yourself better, so choose FYP title that suit your interest and capability. 

Good luck for your FYP. Have a nice day😊.


  1. wah zaman akak ber-FYP dah almost 5 years ago! betul la your how to ni. Good sharing


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