My First FYP Presentation

Hello everyone. As I promised in my UPDATE entry (click here to read), I come back after my first FYP presentation. In this entry, I would like to share about my presentation yesterday.

I am so grateful that the presentation gone well. I was the second person to present. When my friend was presenting about her project, I was quite nervous because our supervisor seen through each of the slides and asked a lot of questions.

Besides, my friend having problem to connect her laptop to the projector at first. Luckily, my laptop did not face the same problem. I tried to talk as calm as possible during the presentation. As I start to talk, the nervousness went away and I enjoyed presenting about my project.

Then, the most crucial moment which is Q&A session came. At that time, I just hope that I can answer all the questions. I tried my best to answer the questions. Although there were some information that I was not really sure at least I was able to say something instead of just keep quiet.

Actually, the presentation is not too formal. It is just to let our supervisor know about our progress and suggest any modification or improvement to be made. I feel that it is a good way to give exposure to us about final FYP presentation. At least, we will not be surprised on how the presentation going to be during the real presentation later.

I was quite satisfied with my works because my supervisors did not comment much about it. He just gave more suggestions for my project mainly. I feel that it is really worth to spend the whole day on Thursday to finalise my presentation slides until I did not eat lunch. I ate brunch (breakfast + lunch) and dinner only.

I will share more stories about my FYP later so stay visiting my blog. That's all for now. See you in other entry.


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