EXPERIENCE: First Time Handling Sponsorship Division For University Event

Hi guys. It's time for another sharing. This entry is also related with my university life and my new role as head of sponsorship for an event. As I mentioned before, I had obtained an offer to handle sponsorship division for an event related to bioinformatics.

Before I start, let me tell you how are my involvement in activity or event in university. I am not a person who actively involve in clubs/societies. I only join events that I think are interesting and the time period is okay for me. Through 3 years in the university, I can count how many events or activities that I actually joined. But I do not want to talk about that today. I want to share about how I actually agree to take the responsibility as head of sponsorship division and how I manage the team as first timer.

I was offered with the position last few months. I was so suprised at that time because I knew that I did not have much experience in organizing event. At first, I was hesitated to accept as I was worry that I could not give commitment to it. However, since my course does not have many students, we have limited man power to organize the event. I also heard that few students had rejected to be part of the team. So, I decided to give it a try. Since this year is my final year of degree, I wish that I can create a memory and do something beneficial for students who are in the same course with me.

Honestly, it is not easy to find sponsors. I have to face a lot of pressure from people around me as my division is among the important division. Everyone keep asking update from me but the problem is most of the companies that I approached do not reply my email. At first, I worked alone. This is not a joke. I handled everything including preparing the needed documents, searching for potential sponsors as well as approaching the sponsors. For the first month, I really struggled.

Then, i was informed that I could choose my team members. I was glad that finally I can have someone who can help me to complete all the tasks. Thank you so much to my team members for their commitments to our division. In order to ensure that our works run smoothly, I divided the tasks by assigning each member to different sponsorship. We also have list of potential sponsors so that we can quickly approach other companies if our sponsorship application has been rejected.

I started to search for sponsor in April but the response was not really good. The companies were either rejected or did not reply my email at all. However, I did not give up because I believe that it is not our rezeki yet.

Now, we can see positive results from our efforts. Thank you so much to everyone that helped us. After few months holding the position as head of sponsorship, I realize something. Although I do not have much experience in organizing event and my experience in finding sponsorship is totally zero, but I can see good progress for my team. This is because I know that I am lack of experience so I put more efforts to improve myself and do the best for my team.

I just hope that my team can get enough fund for our event and the event can be held successfully. That's all for now. See you in the next entry.

Today's quote: Experience does help us to succeed but it does not determine our success. Effort is the one that can do both. 


  1. Nak cari sponsor memang susah. Kena kerja dalam kumpulan baru senang sikit kerja, buat sorang memang ambik masa banyak. Tak pernah lagi handle sponsor, tapi tengok member2 punya struggle untuk cari sponsor tu boleh faham haha. Goodluck!

    1. Terima kasih, Aiman😊. Memang better kerja dalam kumpulan. Nasib baik sekarang ni dah ada team members yang memang betul2 bagi komitmen dengan tugasan masing-masing.

  2. Dulu masa buat program nak cari sponsor agak susah la kalau untuk program so kitorang berjualan secara kecil sampai capai target. Anyway good luck for the event ya


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