EXPERIENCE: Tips In Finding Sponsors For University Events

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for still visiting my blog. As I promised before, I will share the tips in finding sponsors for university events. The tips are based on my experience. Different people may have different ways to get a sponsorship but it is always good to try. Probably my tips work with you.

First of all, make sure that you have a good team. It is better to work in a team than alone. I already experienced working alone in finding sponsors and seriously it was hard. However, ensure that you choose someone that you feel comfortable to work together as your team members.

After you have formed your team, it is time to start the work. You have to prepare a list of potential sponsors and type of sponsorship. This step will really ease your work in the future because in case one sponsor rejects your sponsorship application or not even reply your email, you have many other companies to be approached. It helps you to save time. I did this before I had my team members and more potential sponsors were added to the list after my team members joined the team.

As a head of sponsorship, I prepared sponsorship letter and sponsorship proposal that would be used to apply for the sponsorship. Although some companies may not ask for a complete proposal for initial evaluation, but it is always good to make early preparation. Then, my team members just edited the letter and proposal before they send them to the potential sponsors. However, I still checked the documents and make final editing before we used the documents. Bear in mind that leader is responsible for his/her team's works. Please check everything even though you are confident with your team members' works. Other members also need to ensure that everything is okay and cannot 100% depend to the leader because sometimes the leader might miss something.

In order to balance the work burden, it is good to divide the tasks for the team members. For me, I gave opportunity for everyone in the team to experience in dealing with the sponsors. Each member had few potential sponsors that they had to handle. After approached the company, everyone had to followed up with the company. However, the leader must ensure that every member give updates every week. Everyone should know the progress for all the sponsorship applications.

If the company does not response or seems like they do not want to sponsor your event, do not waste your time and start to approach other companies. Probably you need to recheck your list of potential sponsors. Try to filter based on the companies with high probability to provide sponsorship for your event. You may also consider to try different ways in approaching the companies.

Previously, my team used email to approach the companies but most of the time, we did not get any reply from them. Therefore, we used other ways instead of email to approach them. We tried to use social media such as Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook to ask whether their company provides sponsorship or not. If yes, we emailed the requested documents to them.

The event that I handled had been held last week. I am so grateful that everything went well and we managed to get 7 sponsors. it was a good achievement for someone with zero experience in finding sponsorship like my team.

For your information, I was not a head of sponsorship anymore on the day of the event. I had another responsibility which I will share with you in other entry. If you are also currently handling any events, I want to wish you all the best. Hopefully my sharing is useful for you. More tips coming soon.

That's all for now. See you in the next entry😊.


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