Trying Food At Chego Korean Restaurant

Last few months, I tried food at a Korean Restaurant named as Chego. It was my second visit but I ordered the same food like when I first time came there. I went to its branch at Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. It is situated on the ground floor, near The Chicken Rice Shop.

Honestly, I am not a KPOP lovers but I do love Korean food. As usual, new food that I tried was introduced by my friends. Eating at Chego was unplanned. My friend and I just walked around and tried to find nice food to eat. Since we have good experience at Chego before, we decided to eat there.

Luckily, there were not many people at that time. The environment was very calm and we could really enjoyed our food without 'undesired background sound'. Without wasting more time, let's see what I ordered.

I ordered chicken bibimbap and kimchi soup. As you can see in the pictures above, the portion is quite big.

Chicken Bibimbap 

Kimchi Soup

I have tried Korean food at few restaurants and the chicken bibimbap at Chego is among the nicest Korean food that I have tried. I also love the kimchi soup. The ingredients are really a lot and I can find the chicken everywhere after I mixed the ingredients. Definitely I will come again in the future. 

In term of price, it is considered expensive for university student like me. However, I feel worth to spend my money there with the quality of the food. For those who want to try or love Korean food, I suggest you to try the food at Chego. 

Bear in mind that my opinion here is only for two types food that I ordered. There are many more choices in the menu that I never try. So, maybe your opinion about food at Chego is different from  me. Different branches may also serve food with different quality. 

If any of you have tried the food at Chego, do drop your comment down below. It would be good if you could suggest the food to be tried and share your experience eating there.


  1. Tak dinafikan Korean food a bit pricey. Tapi kimchi jjigae tu suka sangat. letak ramen ke apa laju je makan.

    1. Memang agak mahal. Sesekali-sekala bolehlah makan.

  2. Hurm.. Tak pernah cuba makan kat sini.. Hehehe..
    Okaylah kalau potion dia banyak.. Cuma untuk student memang mahallah kan Jannah..

  3. Haah, memang mahal. Tapi nasib baik portion banyak. Berbaloi lah bayar.

  4. Wah nampaknsedap mama x penah makan semua tu Tau.. xde saap nak teman hihi

    1. Kena cari orang yang nak teman lah nampaknya😂.


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