TWJ's Poem: I Don't Ask For Much

Hi guys. Thank you for visiting this blog. Today I am going to share a poem with you. I think it's been a while since the last time I share the poem that wrote in this blog.

*The poem is originally written by me. You are not allowed to copy, republished or do anything that violate the copyright. However, you can read, try to understand and give your opinion about the poem. Enjoy your reading.

Title: I Don't Ask For Much
I don't ask you to support my life
Because I know you also struggle to make ends meet

I don't ask you to be with me all the time
Because I know you also have other commitments

I don't ask you for birthday gift
Because all your wishes are enough for me

I don't ask you to solve my problem
Because I just need a listener

I don't ask for much
I just ask for two things
Respect and understanding from all of you
That's all what I need now

This poem is about what actually we need in life but others may not realize it. Sometimes we think that we know what are the best for others and we already did our best for them. But, do we give them what they actually need or what we think they need?

When we are a small kid, the common thing that we want are a lot of money, birthday gift, reward after completing a task and someone to accompany us to go somewhere.However, as we grow older, we are hoping for something that we can get without spending money. We need respect and understanding from others. It cannot be bought in any shop but we can get it for free from other people but it is hard to be obtained.

Respect and understanding may sound as a simple gift but they are meaningful. It is true that they cannot be used to pay your bills, to buy food or to pay for petrol. However, their existence make you feel happy and enjoy your life. They help in term of emotional aspect. This is because people who can respect and understand others will not judge and question your decision. Hope you are surround with those who can give you their respect and understanding.

As usual, feel free to drop your comments. It can motivate me to write more poems after this and improve my writing skill. That's all for now. See you in the next entry.


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