Trying Thai Butter Chicken For The First Time

Hello everyone. Today I am going to share my experience trying Thai butter chicken for the first time. Actually, I don't know that there is butter chicken with Thai version. Please read until the end of this entry if you want to know further details about it.

If you guys still remember, I posted an Instagram story about my KL trip last year. As usual, I don't have time to write the entry straightaway so I keep the content first until I find the right time to share about it.

I tried the Thai butter chicken at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) 's food court. When my friends and I still on the way to TBS, we started to search place for our lunch. Our original plan was to eat at KL Sentral. However, since we could not decide what to eat and we had limited time as we need to rush to TBS, we changed our plan.

In order to save time, we decided to eat at TBS, specifically at the food court. Luckily one of my friends had experience eating at the food court. She informed us that we need to go to the counter to get a card and reload (same concept like Touch & Go card). We needed to use the card to pay for our food later.

After surveyed all the stalls, I decided to eat buttermilk chicken but it was not available anymore. So, the seller suggested Thai butter chicken to me. Since I really hungry at that time, I just followed his suggestion. Let's see how the Thai butter chicken looks like.

Thai Butter Chicken

I was so surprised that the food came with so many side dishes. I don't remember the price already but if we see the quantity of the food, it is worth to be bought. Apart from rice and the Thai butter chicken, the food came together with fried egg, watermelon, papadom and tomyam. 

The gravy for the Thai butter chicken was a lot. It is really suitable for those who love gravy. In the Thai butter chicken, there were few vegetables such as carrot. Actually, the seller used frozen mixed vegetables that people commonly used when cooking fried rice. Something that I totally don't expect to be in a butter chicken meal.

For me, the taste was acceptable and quite nice but I did not like its combination with the frozen mixed vegetables. On the other hand, the taste did not really okay for my friend. Since it was the first time we eat Thai butter chicken, we did not know how the taste should be. Therefore, we cannot compare it with any other Thai butter chicken.

For me, probably I will buy this Thai butter chicken again but if buttermilk chicken is available, I will definitely choose buttermilk chicken. 

If any of you has tried Thai butter chicken before, do share your thought in the comment section. That's all for now. See you in the next entry.

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  1. Mama x penah mkn lagi. Tapi x Tau la nka try ke x hihii

    1. Jarangn jumpa Thai butter chicken ni. Saya pun first time try.


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