Trying Tealive Bobalicious Ice Cream

Hello everyone. We meet again in food entry. Today's entry is about ice cream. Have anyone of you try Tealive Bobalicious ice cream? I have tried it so let me tell you how was it.

For your information, I bought the ice cream at 7 Eleven. If I'm not mistaken, the price is RM 2.90. Before I give my opinion about the ice cream, let's see how it looks like.

Tealive Bobalicious Ice Cream

I think that the packaging is quite nice. The size is just normal, not as big as Magnum or Kit Kat ice cream.

Tealive Bobalicious Ice Cream

At first, I felt that the taste of the ice cream was just average (not bad and not very delicious also). But, I wanted to eat more😂. I ate two Tealive bobalicious ice cream in one day. I don't know whether it is because the ice cream is really nice or because I was craving for Tealive pearl milk tea.

If we compare the taste of the ice cream and the drink, we can taste the similarity. However, I think that the ice cream is less sweet than the drink. For the boba, the texture is quite different because it has been frozen. Definitely, I prefer boba in the drink rather than boba in the ice cream.

For me, I think the money spent is worth with the quality of the ice cream. Most probably, I will buy it again if I miss Tealive pearl milk tea. However, if the drink is available, I will choose the drink instead of the ice cream. 

How about you? If you have tried both the drink and the ice cream, please let me know which one do you prefer? Don't forget to leave your comment. 

That's all for now. See you in the next entry.


  1. kak shima prefer the drink.
    sebab yang aiskrim en asben kata tak sesedap air tealive hehe

    1. Samalah, kak. Cuma kalau tak dapat air tealive, dapat aiskrim pun oklah😅.

  2. i prefer the drink for sure! this ice cream is so-so...but i won't buy again in future...


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