Trying Yobick Sakura Yogurt Flavoured Drink

Hello everyone. We meet again in an entry which I will share new food or drink that I have tried. For today, I'm going to share about Yobick, a yogurt flavoured drink.

Actually I have tried this yogurt flavoured drink before, but I decided to buy it again when I saw it at the supermarket. Let's see the packaging before I tell you more about this drink.

Yobick Sakura

I am not sure how many flavours are available because I only found three flavours which are original, sakura and pineapple. I have tried sakura and pineapple flavours so far. However, no picture for pineapple flavoured Yobick as I just tried the one that my friend bought.

For the price, I could not remember the exact price but if I'm not mistaken, it is RM 3++. On the other hand, the quantity is 310ml. 

Honestly, I was confused with the taste at first. It did taste like the yogurt drink that I had tried before but the sakura flavour was new to me. After few times drinking it, I am able to accept the sakura flavour. I am not sure about others because sakura flavour is not something we are familiar with.

Does anyone have try this yogurt flavoured drink? Any suggestion for the flavours that I should try next? Do leave your comments below.

That's all for this entry. Have a nice day😊.


  1. pernah je minum flavored yogurt brand farm fresh tapi rasa sakura ni tak pernah try lagi. Rasa bunga la eh?

    1. Entahlah sebab tak pernah rasa sakura flavour sebelum ni. So, tak tahu nak describe😅.

  2. Interesting drink JR, I might try it later when I have the chance 😋

  3. Perisa sakura mesti bau wangi kan. Mama suka


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