My Wish List 2021

Hello everyone. 2020 is ended and we have entered 2021. Today I am going to share with you about my wish list for 2021.

Before we proceed, let me summarize about my wish list in 2020. I am quite disappointed that I only managed to fulfilled 2 out of 7 wishes. There were so many unexpected things happened in 2020 and I think most of agree us that many things did not follow our planning. Probably, time constraint and other commitments limit my time for blogging. It's okay. Let's just move on and focus on 2021.

Without wasting more time, let's read my wish list for 2021.

Vary type of entries
I love to explore and learn new things. I do not want to focus on one topic. I hope that I can write different types of entries. Probably, I will put more focus on novel review entries like what I did during first year of blogging. My 2020 entries were mostly about food and recipes😂. 

Write at least one entries for Motivational Monday every month
I think that I keep reducing the number of entries for Motivational Monday series. This is because I want to emphasize on quality rather than quantity. I do not want to post an entry for this series without feeling satisfy with the content. Hopefully I will get more idea to write the entries.

Post at least three entries per week
It might be difficult but it is possible. Therefore, I will do my best to post at least three entries a week. 

Do blogwalking at least twice a week
To be honest, I love blogwalking because I can obtain new knowledge and sometimes I can meet new blogger friends. Hopefully I will have more time for blogwalking this year.

Improve blog and YouTube contents
My target in 2021 is not only to improve my blog content but my YouTube content as well. For your information, I have a YouTube channel with the same name as my blog (The Wonderful Jannah). I hope that I am able to share the knowledge that I have to inspire and motivate others in a positive way.

Organize at least two segment
Since segment is a good way to connect to my blog followers, I think I should organize few segments per year. I already got an idea for the first segment in 2021. So, just wait for the update from me soon.

Produce at least 150 entries
In order to be able to achieve this wish, I need to produce at least 12 to 13 entries per month. Hopefully I have more time for blogging in 2021.

I hope that I can fulfill all the wishes in my wish list and I wish that you can fulfill yours too. Appreciate what we have and enjoy our life.

*Please feel free to share about your wish list for 2021. 

Happy New Year!


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