Hi everyone. Welcome to Motivational Monday series for April's edition. Today we are going to talk about "What makes us stay?". Let's get started.

Probably you have been in a situation in which you feel want to give up or quit from doing something. How do you overcome the problem? Just go with flow and continue your life as usual or you decided to quit?

Before we make any decision, I believe that we should list all the pros and cons for each option. Let's say that we are having problems related to job, relationship or study. Do you think what makes some people choose to keep surviving and stay?

One of the factors that can make us stay is priority. No matter what happen we have to prioritize important things. For example, if you have to support your family financially, you have to stay with your job although it is not related to your course at all. Same goes to students under scholarship, you have to complete your study with flying colours even though you do not like your course.

Besides, passion can make us stay. We might not earn so much from what we are doing now but our passion cause us to continue do it. For instance, not all bloggers and YouTube content creators get money from their blogs or YouTube channels but they keep doing it. Why? This is because they love what they are doing.

Other than that, motivation and support from others play an important role to make us stay. That is why it is important to have good and supportive people around us. By distancing ourselves from toxic people, we will feel better and it is really helpful when we are facing hard times. 

If you are currently in a dilemma and feel want to give up, try to think what can boost your spirit and help you to survive. Do not give up easily and fight until you cannot fight anymore. 

That's all for today. See you in another entry.

Today's Quote: Fight until you cannot fight anymore.


  1. Yup.. keutamaan memang boleh membantu keputusan yang kita buat..

    1. Penting untuk tengok keutamaan kita sebelum buat keputusan kan.


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