Trying Befine Kiwi Avocado Yogurt Drink

Hi everyone. In this entry, I would like to share about Befine Kiwi Avocado Yogurt Drink.

I bought the drink at the supermarket with the price RM 4.99. There are few other flavours available which are passion fruit, plain, mulberry and strawberry. I have tried two flavours so far. 

Let's see how is the packaging.

Befine Kiwi Avocado Yogurt Drink

For your information, the bottle is green in colour. However, the lighting makes it look a little bit different. In term of size, there are two options available. I bought the large size because the small size was not available at that time.

Kiwi is actually one of the flavour that I prefer when buying yogurt drink. However, previously I always buy Befine with passion fruit flavour because I already know that the taste is good. Since passion fruit flavour was not available, I decided to try the kiwi avocado flavour.

I am glad that I took the right decision. The taste of kiwi avocado flavoured drink is also good. In term of colour, the drink is in white colour, not green like the packaging. 

If you have tried Befine yogurt drink before, feel free to suggest me the flavour that I should try next. Do leave your comments below.

That's all for today. See you in the next entry.


  1. Fav yogurt drink akak, bagus kalau ada masalah perut..akak paling suka yang perisa passion fruit

    1. Samalah, kak. Tapi masa beli hari tu tak ada perisa passion fruit.

  2. Tak pernah cuba air jenama ini..

  3. Cantiknya botol dia.. nampak classy


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