Hello everyone. After a long break for this series, I'm back with another sharing. So sorry for not being able to write this kind of entry more frequently. Today's topic is "People Come And Go In Life".

Have you ever wonder why someone who used to be very close with you suddenly become stranger? Or there is one point in life where the people you love leave you? It is a sad and painful moment in life. However, as a human, it is something that we cannot avoid.

There are three reasons why people leave. First, it is because we do not have chemistry with them anymore or probably lose the interest with each other. Second, all of us have new commitment and we slowly have lesser time for someone until we do not contact each other anymore. Third, they do not only leave us but they leave this world permanently. It is the most painful situation but possible to happen.

The worst situation is the third reason. This is because no matter what we do, we cannot bring them back to our life. We just need to learn how to live without them. Try to be independent and always be ready to face any unexpected situation.

At the same time, do appreciate those who are still with us. Be kind to them and spend more time together so that we can have good memories with them. Time is priceless and we can never get back the time that we have lost.

We cannot deny that the longer time we spend with someone, the more painful to let them go but do not focus on the dark side only. Think of all the good memories with them. Also think of what you have learnt after knowing them. This is because everyone has a purpose in your life. To love us, to make us happy or to teach us something.

Today's Quote: No matter how hard we try to make someone stay, they will still leave us one day. People come and go in life is something that we cannot control. So, appreciate them when we still can spend time with them.


  1. I cannot agree more with the above statement especially since the pandemic hits us over a year ago. Appreciate the people around you as much as we can. Stay safe, sis.

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  2. betul susah nak lepaskan tapi bila dah lepaskan rasa lega.

    1. Susah tapi kalau berjaya melaluinya, memang lega kan.


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