Trying Farm Fresh Banana Milk

Hi everyone. Welcome back to The Wonderful Jannah. Today I am going to share with you about banana milk from Farm Fresh.

I don't know why but currently I like milk from Farm Fresh. After I tried their dates milk, I am interested with other products too.

Actually, I have tried banana milk from few different brands before. However, this was the first time I tried the one from Farm Fresh. 

I bought it at 7 Eleven with the price of RM 2.90. Let's see how it looks.

Farm Fresh Banana Milk

To be honest, I think that the packaging is interesting. The yellow colour represents the colour of banana. The volume is just nice which is 200ml.

Actually, one of the reason why I like Farm Fresh products is because they do not contain many added ingredients such as food flavouring and colouring. The banana milk is made up of fresh milk, banana puree, brown sugar and stabilisers only.

I could taste and smell the banana but it was really mild. After a few times, only then I could detect the taste of banana. However, it still tastes good. I was glad it did not have the taste of artificial banana flavour.

Since no food colouring is used, the colour of the milk is not so yellow. But I like it because I know it is healthier.

Will I buy it again?

It depends on the situation. If the dates milk is available, I prefer to buy it rather than the banana milk. 

Overall, it is still worth to try this banana milk from Farm Fresh.

That's all for today. 


  1. sama lah JR, kak ana pun lebih suka kurma dari pisang :)

  2. have not tried banana milk from this brand..should give a try later

  3. Replies
    1. Sedap juga. Tapi rasa pisang mild je. Saya lebih suka susu kurma.

  4. Setakat ini susu pisang jenama Farm Fresh ini paling kena dengan tekak.. hehehe..


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