Trying The Premium Fruit Cake From 7 Eleven

Hi everyone. It's been a while since my sharing on food and drink from 7 Eleven. So today I' back to share with you about The Premium Fruit Cake from 7 Eleven.

At that time, I was searching for something delicious but easy to eat. I would like to buy something that I could just open the packaging and straightaway eat. 

When I was at the bread section, I saw the fruit cake which looked nice but initially I was hesitated to buy because of the price. It is RM 2.60 for just a piece of cake. 

The Premium Fruit Cake From 7 Eleven

However, there were not much interesting bread on that day (actually because I always eat bread when I was busy with my study until I don't really want to it eat already😅) and I really need to buy some food. Since the fruit cake looked nice, I was willing to spend more.

I am glad with my decision. It did taste good and worth the price. The cake was not dry and the quantity of fruit was just nice. 

Although the fruit cake is good, I don't think I can buy it regularly because of the price. However, I will buy again when I have extra money. It's okay to spend more sometimes if the quality worth the price.

That's all for today. See you in the next entry.


  1. akak pun sekarang start mengemari fruitcake, but kekadang if beli kat kedai, mostly tak moist and dry. selalu buat sendiri

    1. Saya tak pernah lagi buat kek sendiri. Memang selalunya beli je.

  2. Selalu nampak tapi x pernah cuba...kena cuba la nanti ni


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