Hello everyone. After a really long break, I'm back with a new entry for Motivational Monday series.

After seeing many people struggling with their life, especially with working life, this topic came across my mind. Some people still searching for a suitable job while some already found their desired job. 

I understand that those who graduated during the pandemic have to face much more challenges in securing a job. However, don't give up and keep working on to achieve your goals.

Not everyone will succeed on their first try. Some people even have to wait for 5-10 years before they found a job that really suit them. 

Person A is working in the field that he studied but the working environment is not good. Person B is working in a field that is totally not related to what he studied but he has a very good colleague. Person C is working abroad with high monthly salary but he stay far away from his family. 

We have a different journey. Of course, there are different pros and cons too. That is life. We won't get everything that we want at one time.

We might think that someone have a really good life but we don't know what they have been through to be at that stage of life. Probably, there are some people wish to be at our position because they think our life is perfect.

Everyone has their own capabilities. We are placed in the path where we are now because we are able to go through it. If we try to take a similar path like others, it might not work for us.

Be grateful with what we have and enjoy the moment but at the same time don't forget to continue working for our goals in life,

Today's Quote: There is sweetness waiting for you after all the bitterness. Don't focus on others' journey but focus on your journey instead. 


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