Trying Family Mart x GSC Caramel Popcorn Sofuto

Hi everyone. Finally I’m back with a new entry in this new year. Today I would like to share with you about Family Mart x GSC Caramel Popcorn Sofuto. If I’m not mistaken, it was launched in conjuction with International Popcorn Day.

It was unplanned visit to Family Mart actually. My sister suddenly came up with an idea to have a look at this Family Mart branch since we rarely find Family Mart in Pahang. As usual I quickly browse the Internet to check if there is any new and interesting products to try.

I found out about the new ice cream and decided to give it a try. Of course we didn’t straightaway go to the counter to buy the ice cream. Apart from ice cream, we love Family Mart ready to eat meal such as spaghetti, onigiri and gyudon.

After choosing our food from ready to eat section, it’s time for the sofuto. There are four options available which are sofuto cone, sundae cup, milkshake and sofuto pint. So far, I only bought sofuto cone because I feel that it is the most enjoyable way to eat ice cream.

Let’s see how it looks like in the picture below.

Family Mart x GSC Caramel Popcorn Sofuto

The ice cream is yellow in colour. According to Family Mart’s instagram account, the buttery popcorn flavoured sofuto comes with popcorn coated in creamy caramel from GSC. 

Before we go to the review, let’s discuss about the price first. When I bought the seasalt sofuto last year, the price was RM 2.90. However, the price of this caramel popcorn sofuto had increased to RM 3.90. 

Even though the price is slightly higher, it still worth my money because they still maintain the quality. For me, the sweetness of the ice cream was just nice. The popcorn also suitable with the sofuto. 

I tasted the ice cream like jack fruit and it tasted so good but they never mention anything about using jack fruit in the ice cream. Not sure if my brain confuse with the taste of the popcorn flavoured sofuto😂. Tell me about the taste if you guys have tried this sofuto as well.

To make sure that the popcorn is still taste good, make sure you quickly eat it before the ice cream melt.

As someone who love sofuto by Family Mart and popcorn from GSC, I really love this collaboration. The sofuto is so good and I definitely recommend it. Really hope I can eat it again. Maybe they can make a come back after few years😂.

Everytime I go to Family Mart, I want to try something else but I always cannot resist myself from buying the sofuto. It is something that I must buy if I go to Family Mart. How about you? What is your favourite product in Family Mart? Leave your comment below.

That’s all for today. See you in next entry.


  1. looks yummy! i enjoyed my self with oden so much...that is the thing that i frequently bought there..
    sofuto also my favourite! sea salt taste very nice, and another one the black sofuto, i don't remember it's name...and green tea for sure. Sofuto always the best >_<

    1. The oden is also nice. But I always looking forward for new limited edition sofuto that they will launch😂.

  2. Dah lama tak singgah sini.. blog pun nampak baru

  3. Aduh!! sedapnya.. Kalau ada lagi, boleh cuba..

  4. adudu apesal nampak sedap.. manis tak ?


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