Family Mart Finally in Kuantan. Pahang

Hi everyone. I am so excited to share with you about Family Mart that has been opened in Kuantan recently. I have been waiting for them to open their branch in Kuantan. Finally, Kuantan has three branches of Family Mart which are in Kotasas, Kuantan River Front and Indera Mahkota.

I went to their second branch which are located at Kuantan River Front, nearby hospital and beside Texas Chicken. Let’s see what I bought.

Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken Bento

As a fan of salted egg, I was attracted to buy this  salted egg popcorn chicken bento. I think I saw this at Family Mart quite few times but hesitated to buy before. I was worried if it didn’t taste good.

With Cucumber Added

Actually, we can request the staff to reheat the food for us but I was full at that time. So, I brought it back and decided to eat at home. To make it taste better, I added cucumber as I wanted some vegetables. It was a good idea because the cucumber gave crunchiness and refreshing taste.

Garlic Cream Cheese Bun

I think it was my first time trying this garlic cream cheese bun from Family Mart. There were many options but I was interested to buy it because of the word ‘garlic’ and ‘cheese’😂. The taste is good but not to the extend that it is amazing. Worth to try but it’s not something that I must buy in every visit.

The salted egg chicken popcorn bento was so good even though I didn’t put much expectation on it initially. I will definitely buy it again in the future.

I wanted to dine in Family Mart and enjoy the food after buying but most of the time, I went to Family Mart after I had my lunch or dinner. So, I always bring the food home. I miss the moment of dining in at Family Mart. The last time I dine in there was about three to four years ago. 

Don’t forget to drop the comment on what should I try next. See you guys in the next entry. Have a nice day.


  1. Kalau ke family mart, suka roti2 dia. And aiskrim matcha. Dah lama jugak tak singgah Family Mart.

    1. Saya suka cuba aiskrim yang limited time tapi kena cepat pergi sebelum ditukar kepada menu lain pula.

  2. To be franked...ammi belum pernah makan apa2 dari FM. Kesian tak?

    BTW, ammi ada tag Jannah tau (

  3. harap dorang boleh buka kat sini juga. read about family mart tapi tak pernah pergi lagi

    1. Harap tak lama lagi adalah cawangan Family Mart yang terdekat.


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