MOTIVATION: Should you change to please others?

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As I said in my previous entry , there will be more motivation entry for you guys. I hope that you guys will feel more motivated and more positive in dealing with your problems after reading this entry.

Today's topic is a quite common issue in our society, either in rural area or in the city. I think everyone has face this issue at least once in our life which is we have to change ourselves in order to please other people and to be accepted by them. The way you deal with this problem is very important because is either you change yourself to be a better person or vice versa. The changes include but not limited to dressing, attitude, lifestyle and principle.

Sometimes you feel like you are alone because you are different from others. The dissimilarities makes it hard for you to engage with them until certain point where you think that you should make some changes in your life so that you can suit with their lifestyle. However, you have to think carefully why you and them cannot be together. Is it really because of your personality or there are other reason? If they really want to become your friends, they would not put some conditions or rules to be followed by you. This is because building relationship with someone means you wholeheartedly accept themselves.

The most crucial thing that you have to consider is that whether they are going to bring you to a correct path or wrong path. For example, you are someone who are really punctual and never skip class but they ask you to skip classes and go to the shopping mall. If this happen, it is a sign that they are not a good friend so better you just be yourself and find other people who are sincerely want to be friend with you.

However, if they are bringing you to the correct path also, you still have to think whether are you changing because of yourself or because of others. These two things are totally different and it has different long term effect. When you change yourself because you really want to change in order to become a better person, there is higher possibility for you to maintain the changes. If you are changing yourself just because to please others, then you tend to go back to your old life once they leave you.

Next, take some time and try to understand yourself. How sure are you that you will be happy after you make changes to yourself? Is it you are really being accepted by others after the changes? Bear in mind that you have to please yourself first before you please others. There is no point to sacrifice your happiness for something that you are not sure or someone that not really important in your life. Your first priority should be yourself.

 I hope that all of us can find someone that sincerely accept ourselves. Just be yourself and don't ever change just to please others.

Have a nice day.

Today Quote: Someone who sincerely love you would not ask you to change yourself according to their preferences. However, they will guide you during the journey to become a better person.

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  1. Setuju sangat.. Sayangi diri kita dan jadi diri sendiri.. Mereka yang jujur akan menerima kita seadanya..

    1. Betul tu. Cuma kita je kadang-kadang kurang yakin dengan diri sendiri. Asyik mengharapkan orang lain sayang kita tapi kita lupa nak sayang diri sendiri.


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