My Mug From Printcious Has Arrived

Hello everyone.
I am so excited to inform that the mug that I ordered from Printcious has safely arrived last two weeks. Actually, I would like to write an entry about it after I got the mug but I have few things to settle and my plan need to be postponed. So, lets get started.

Packaging of the mug

When I opened the parcel, I did not expect that the box was really nice. It was in pink colour and very beautiful. My friends had experienced redeeming gifts from Printcious and they said the quality of the products is good so I put a high expectation for the mug. Before you see the real mug, I let you see my design first.

My design
I designed the mug on Printcious website which means that the design is originally from me. The background picture is the picture that I took during my Bintulu trip. Since I could not really find souvenirs from Bintulu, at least this mug can be one of the way for me to keep my Bintulu trip as a memory.

Mug from Printcious designed by me

Try to see my design and the real mug. Is there much difference? For me, it is more than 90% similar to my design. It looks very nice and I am very satisfy with the product. It has become my favourite mug.

In term of delivery, the process is quite fast. I ordered on Friday night and it arrived on Wednesday. It supposed to be delivered on Tuesday but due to public holiday, there was some delay. Since the quality of the product is good, I decided to buy another mug for my sibling.

Seriously, I am addicted to keep buying the products. I want to redeem the items for free each month but I am not qualified because my Facebook friend is less than 300. 

If you guys want to get this mug too, you can check my previous entry  I think I will stop here. See you in the next entry.


  1. Wah cantiknya.. tegib nk order juga la

    1. Order jangan tak order, Mamapp. Saya dah addicted nak beli barang custom made ni 😆.

  2. Nice.. hampir serupa dan boleh dijadikan kenangan..

    1. Memang sangat serupa, Kak Sha. Adalah juga kenangan di Bintulu pada mug tu.


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