Trying Nasi Arab at Saba Restaurant

Hello everyone. Welcome to The Wonderful Jannah blog. For today's entry, I will share with you guys my experience eating nasi arab at Saba Restaurant. Forgive me if there are some details that I cannot really remember because I ate it during my KL trip last year😅.

Actually it was not my first time eating nasi arab but I was excited to try the nasi arab at Saba Restaurant because my friend recommended it. I think the restaurant is located at Setiawangsa. I remember that it is opposite of LRT station. Do correct me if I wrongly remembered it.

Let's see what we had ordered last time.

Nasi Arab Saba Restaurant

We ordered chicken mandi since my friend and I do not eat lamb. The portion is big . It is RM 23++. I cannot remember the exact price and I am not sure whether the price is still the same for now. I shared the rice with one other friend but I think you can buy one plate for three persons also.

If I am not mistaken, my two other friends ordered nasi arab with lamb but I don't have the photo. I am not sure how it taste. One of my friend has eat the nasi arab with lamb for few times. So, I guess the taste should be nice.

Besides, we also ordered hummus. It is a middle east cuisine made from chickpeas (kacang kuda). It is normally served with bread. However, I enjoyed to eat it with rice. I love the combination of hummus and nasi arab. Maybe you should try too😂.

Overall, I like the nasi arab and hummus at Saba Restaurant. Do leave some recommendation or suggestion for other food that I should try during my next visit to the restaurant.

After come back from the trip, I always buy nasi arab via Foodpanda. It has become one of my favourite food now.  Probably I will write about nasi arab in Melaka later. See you in the next entry. Have a nice day.

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  1. it's a kind of rice that i gonna love 😘😘 especially with lamb or beef. craving!!


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