5 Popular Entries On The Wonderful Jannah July 2021

Hi everyone. Today I'm going to share with you about popular entries on The Wonderful Jannah (TWJ) in July 2021. 

In general, I can say that novel review and recipe entries performed well in July 2021. Without wasting more time, let's see the details.

1. Review Novel Love, Elsa Karya Acik Lana 
It is undoubtable that the drama Love, Elsa aired on Astro Ria contributed to the number of views for this entry. Since the novel and the drama have their own followers, many people actually searched for the review. As a novel lover, I understand that some people like to get some overview on the drama/novel first especially when novel is adapted to drama.

2. Resepi French Fries Homemade Ala KFC
To be honest, I put a high expectation on this entry because French fries is something that many people like to eat. However, I am not sure whether the cooking techniques that I used or the word "KFC" that actually attracted the viewers.

3. Resepi Kacang Panjang Goreng Kicap
As usual, this entry is among the popular entries on my blog. Not only monthly but popular for lifetime too. The simplicity of the recipe becomes the attraction factor. Definitely, I am expecting that it will be in the top 5 popular entries for August 2021 too.

4. Review Novel Love, Elsa II Karya Acik Lana
Although review for Love, Elsa II is not as popular as review for the first book, it still showed good performance. I think some people are not aware of the second novel so they do not search for its review. 

5. Mencuba Kambing Perap Pak Mat Western Yang Pernah Viral
I think the main reason this entry performed well is because for now no other blogger that write review about kambing perap Pak Mat Western. All the reviews that I saw were from YouTube. Plus, it went viral and those who are going to try it for the first time might want to get some overview about it.

In short, I am grateful with my blog performance for July 2021. I can see improvements as I learn more on how to manage my blog.

I really hope that what I have shared on this blog are beneficial for everyone. Thank you so much for your support. 

That's all for now. See you in the next entry.


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