Trying Cornetto Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Hello everyone. It's time for another review on Cornetto ice cream. For today's entry, I will share with you about Cornetto Dark Chocolate Brownie ice cream.

After a good experience with Cornetto Love Rose ice cream, I decided to try other ice cream from them. Actually, I planned to buy the raspberry yoghurt ice cream but it was not available.

So, I changed my plan and bought the dark chocolate brownie ice cream. The price is similar with the Love Rose ice cream which is RM 3.70. For your information, I bought it at 7 Eleven.

Let's see how it looks.

Cornetto Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Personally, I think that its packaging looks elegant. The combination of brown, red and gold colour is suitable. The dark tone does represent brownie.

Done for the packaging. Let's see the ice cream.

Cornetto Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

As you can see in the picture, the colour of the ice cream is monotonous. All are in brown colour. There are chocolate syrup and brownie pieces on top of the ice cream.

To be honest, I am not a fan of chocolate ice cream. I prefer vanilla flavour. However, exception for this ice cream. The chocolate ice cream and brownie pieces tasted so good. 

Besides, the chocolate cone was crunchy which gave another texture to the ice cream. I just wish there are more brownie pieces.

Overall, I like this ice cream and will buy it again in the future. 

That's all for today's entry.


  1. Sedappp pulak tengokk bahagian atas aiskrim tuuu, nak nak perisa coklat, lagilah favorite kitaaa. Eh siap ada brownies pieces lagi yekk atas tuuu, nanti nak try carilah. Even jannah bukan peminat coklat pun suka dengan aiskrim coklat ni.

    1. Ya, ada brownie pieces. Saya suka aiskrim ni walaupun bukan peminat aiskrim coklat.

  2. Sedap amat.. Tambah ada banyak coklat.. Memang kesukaan kak sha nie..


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