Trying 4Fingers Rice Box and Loaded Fries

Hello everyone. It's good to see you again on this blog. In today's entry, I would like to share with you my experience trying rice box and loaded fries from 4Fingers.

For your information, it was not my first time trying food from 4Fingers. I had tried it during my KL trip three years ago. But since my siblings wanted to try the food for the first time, I gave them some suggestions and we went through the menu on the official website.

After decided on what to buy, only my siblings went to buy the food as I got other things to do. Unfortunately, there were some changes from the initial plan. They wrongly ordered some of the food and went beyond our budget😅. 

The food name was too long and I didn't realise that I didn't write the full name of the food. We spent around RM 100++ for the food but luckily we managed to finish all the food. No food wasted.

Let's look at the food that we had.

Kimchi Fries

I already tried the kimchi fries before. So, I would not really comment on this. We tried to reheat the fries but nothing much could be done. The texture was so different. Definitely the fries should be eaten straightaway after we bought it.

12 Pcs Boneless Soy Garlic Chicken Bites

Initially, we planned to buy two boneless chicken bites rice box but we ended up with two boxes of 12 pcs boneless soy garlic chicken bites. The soy garlic flavour was my favourite but at certain part of the chicken the taste was really salty. You can see the chicken bites looked different also because we ate them few hours after take away😅.

Drumsticks Rice Box

Luckily, the rice box tasted good although after a few hours. We just reheated the chicken and ate them with rice and kimslaw. The kimslaw was super good and I will definitely but it again later. I also love the texture of the rice. They were all a great combination. The drumsticks size were quite big as well.

Loaded Fries (Seaweed Sprinkles)

Another nice food even after reheating was the loaded fries which was sprinkles with seaweed. The fries included cheese and chicken as well. The best time to eat it was after we took it out from the air fryer. This was really worth my money.

To be honest, I think I should be more careful in choosing the menu next time. If I opt to take away and eat slightly late, it is better if I buy the rice box or the loaded fries because they taste good even after reheating. 

I would say this experience was quite disappointing compare to my first time experience because the food quality was really different due to our fault😅.  We shouldn't leave the food for few hours.

I will still buy food from 4Fingers as their food is good but I prefer to dine in or eat the food as soon as possible after I take away.

That's all for this entry. See you in the next food review.

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  2. 12 Pcs Boneless Soy Garlic Chicken Bites tu Fav Kak SA dan Dania...alahai..terus rasa nak cari 4Fingers plak....

  3. Tak pernah cuba lagi 4Fingers ini..


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