Trying Yogurt Ice Cream From llaollao

 Hello everyone. Today I would like to share with you about yogurt ice cream from llaollao. 

I have heard about this brand for quite long time. As usual, my sister introduced it to me. Since I started to love yogurt ice cream recently, I think I should give it a try.

For your information, there are few size options for the ice cream. It comes in small, medium and large size but we chose medium size as we wanted to have 3 types of toppings. 

Let's have a look on the ice cream first.

Yogurt Ice Cream From llaollao

We bought two ice creams with different toppings so that we can get some idea for a great topping combination. I chose almond, melon and caramel sauce (not sure the exact sauce name😂) while my sister chose almond, mango and chocolate sauce as toppings.

Now, it's time to review the ice cream.

For me, the ice cream tasted so good. Since I do not really sour, the melon is perfect to balance the sourness from the yogurt ice cream. 

I will definitely suggest almond as one of the toppings. It gives extra texture to the ice cream and tastes nice. 

Some tips to those who want to try ice cream from llaollao for the first time. Make sure you eat the ice cream as fast as possible because the sauce tastes really sweet once the ice cream starts to melt. My sister and I was struggling to finish the ice cream as the sweet taste started to be dominant.

The good thing about choosing a medium size ice cream is that we can get three types of topping but the quantity of ice cream is quite a lot. Two persons can share one medium size ice cream unless you really want to enjoy on your own😂.

That's all for today. Hopefully I have extra time to update this blog more frequently.


  1. They look so yummy... aduh terlioq cheq 🤤😂

  2. Selalu kalau aiskrim yogurt tak pernah tak sedap. Terliur pulak menengoknya. Hehe

  3. menarik.. Aiskrim dengan kekacang memang the best kombo..

  4. yes! akak love topping almond and gula apong! yummy!!

  5. i always go for caramel. okay boleh try yg lain pulak hehe


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