Trying Cornetto Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

Hello everyone. For today's entry, I would to share with you my review on Cornetto Raspberry Yoghurt ice cream.

As usual, I always buy Cornetto ice cream at 7 Eleven. But since there was no receipt given, I already forgot the price. I was confused whether the price was RM 3.50 or RM 3.70 because I also bought other things.

It's okay because the main thing that I would like to share is about the taste and look of the ice cream.

Let's see the packaging.
Cornetto Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

Actually, I am not a fan of raspberry or any kind of berries because I don't like their sour taste. However, the packaging is so attractive and almost similar like Cornetto Love Rose. Other than that, I like yoghurt so why not just give it a try.

Now it's time to see how the ice cream looks.

Cornetto Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

I could not deny that the ice cream looked so beautiful. It was pink in colour. It included raspberry and yoghurt ice cream, raspberry syrup and butter cookies topping.

In term of taste, I think the ice cream was not too sweet but it was refreshing. Probably because of the sourness that came from the raspberry and yoghurt ice cream. I could taste the yoghurt and I liked the flavour of the ice cream.

Besides, the presence of butter cookies enhanced the taste of the ice cream. I wish that they give more cookies as topping.

However, the raspberry syrup was too sour for me. To be honest, I felt that the ice cream would taste better without the syrup. I was relieved that the syrup was just at the top of the ice cream.

In conclusion, I like most of the components in the ice cream except for the raspberry syrup. If I feel like want to eat ice cream but do not want something that is too sweet, it will be my choice. If not, I will definitely go for other options such as the Love Rose ice cream.

That's all for this entry. Have a nice day.


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