Trying 4Fingers Tofu Rice Box

Hi everyone. It’s time for another food sharing. For today’s entry, I would like to share with you my experience trying 4Fingers tofu rice box.

Since I had a good experience with 4Fingers’s rice box last time, I decided to try another option for their rice box. In term of price, I think it is slightly cheaper than the drumstick and boneless chicken rice box. Probably the price around RM 16. Do correct me if it is wrong ya.

Tofu Rice Box

The rice box includes rice, two tofu and kimslaw. As you can see in the photo above, the portion of the food was big. I could not finish it on my own so I shared with my sibling. 

My favourite part of the box was the kimslaw. I love it as much as I love coleslaw from KFC. Apart from that, I like the texture of the rice.

In term of the overall food taste, I would say it is just average. I prefer 4Fingers boneless chicken bites rice box. This is because there were not much flavour on the tofu. However, it was okay if you want to try it at least once.

Everyone has their own preferable taste and flavour, probably the tofu rice box suits your taste. Don’t judge a food by others’ review only. Try to taste the food first😊.

That's all for today. Wait for my new entry, ya. Keep on supporting The Wonderful Jannah.

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  1. haven't tried anything grom 4fingers, jannah.
    here in Melaka, tak pasti di mana outlet nya :)
    tofu = sedapnyer lah. jarang yg menjual set gini.
    for me, mcm rare pula. tq jannah for sharing.
    nak google jap mencari 4fingers di Melaka.

    1. Setakat ni saya pernah cuba 4Fingers di cawangan KL dan Pahang je. Tak pasti pula lokasi 4Fingers di Melaka😅.

  2. Akak selalu jugak lalu kat outlet dia area rumah akak tapi belum berkesempatan nak singgah lagi... Nampak macam sedap jea...

  3. Lama dah tak order ni, sebab risau tak cukup ajee..

  4. Tak pernah lagi cuba apa-apa dari4fingers.. sini x ada.. Tapi nampak cam tak menarik je sebab dua tofu dan nasi.. Kalau ada ayam ke, okaylah kot.. Sekadar pandangan.. hehehe..

    1. Saya pun lebih suka rice box dengan ayam berbanding tofu ni. Saja je cuba menu ni.


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