Trying Family Mart x Doraemon Mediterranean Seasalt Sofuto

Hello everyone. In this entry, I would like to share with you about the limited edition Family Mart x Doraemon Mediterranean Seasalt Sofuto. 

For your information, I bought the ice cream at Family Mart Jonker Street branch. I purposely went to Jonker Street just to buy the ice cream and recall the memories of going there with my friends during my university life.

Without wasting more time, let’s me show you the ice cream.

Family Mart x Doraemon Mediterranean Seasalt Sofuto

The ice cream colour was blue in colour actually but probably due to the lighting the blue colour was not so obvious. After looking back at the photo, I just realised that I accidentally covered the Doraemon picture using my hand😂.

For me, the ice cream had the taste of vanilla and saltiness from the seasalt which I like. With the price of RM 2.90, I believe that it is worth to spend money for it. 

I also bought other food from Family Mart and will be shared here also soon. So, get ready to read a lot of food review entries.

If you have tried this ice cream, I hope you can share your opinion about it also. That’s all for this entry. See you in the next entry.


  1. nampak macma sedap..nasib tgh akak kena tahan nafsu jap

  2. Sedap, Kak SA. Kalau akak dah sihat nanti, bolehlah cuba.

  3. Tapi nampak macam biru pun ada jugak aiskrim tu. Lama tak makan aiskrim macam menggoda pulak lah Jannah. 🤭


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