Trip To Bintulu 2019 Part 2

Hello everyone.
We are now in part 2 of my Bintulu trip story. If you have not read part 1, please feel free to do so. In this entry, I will share about my first day in Bintulu.

I was so grateful that we rented car and it was easier for us to travel from one place to others. The car was clean and in good condition. Actually, we went to Bintulu not for vacation but for other thing which I do not want to explain in details😂.

After we had settled our main purpose to Bintulu, we went to the town for lunch. We went to Farley Supermarket. I never see this supermarket in Peninsular Malaysia so I guess it is only in Sarawak. There are also food court at Farley Supermarket. The place was quite crowded.

For your information, Farley Supermarket is located near to Shell and Bintulu bus terminal. Although there are food court at the supermarket, but we cannot find food that we want. So, we went to a restaurant nearby (read about the restaurant).

After lunch, we went for shopping at Farley Supermarket. They offer a lot of goods including grocery, clothes, shoes and many more. I just bought mineral water actually because I was so thirsty.

In the evening, we checked in at Jinhold Apartment Hotel (click here to read). Actually, we could arrive at the hotel earlier but because we were not familiar with the road, we used other road that took longer time to arrive at the hotel. Around 9pm something, we went out for dinner at Marry Brown because most of other had been closed and we were not sure which restaurant still open at that time.

I'll end this entry here. More stories coming soon. Thank you for spending your time to read this entry😊.

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  1. Seronok Jannah jalan2 kat Bintulu ... Cuti2 Raya eh?

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  2. Tak lah, Kak Pip. Ada urusan lain tapi alang-alang dah ke sana, jalan-jalanlah di sekitar Bintulu.


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