Trying Mille Crepe Cakes at Nadeje Cake Shop, Mahkota Prade

Last month, I went to Mahkota Parade for a special day which was my friend's birthday. Since she likes crepe cake, so we decided to go to Nadeje Cake Shop. It is located on the ground floor of Mahkota Parade nearby the KFC.

Honestly, I never go to Nadeje before and I do not even know that it is exists at Mahkota Parade although I have stayed in Melaka for more than 3 years😂.

We went to Nadeje in the afternoon. There were so many people and we have to queue. Luckily, we planned to dine in and we were only three person at that time so it is easier for us to get a place to sit. The queue line for take away was very long.

We ordered two type of crepe cakes which are banana chocolate and musang king. Of course I am the one who chose musang king flavour because I am a durian lover. So, lets see how the cakes look like in the pictures below.

Banana Chocolate Crepe Cake

Durian Musang King Crepe Cake

For me, both of the cakes really nice. However, if you ask me to choose one only, definitely I will choose the musang king crepe cake. I am not a dessert lover but the crepe cake really make me want to repeat order. 

In term of price, it is almost the same as price range at Secret Recipe. The banana crepe cake is around RM 13 (I already forgot because I went there last month). The musang king crepe cake is much more expensive which is around RM 15. I am not sure the musang king flavour is always available or only for limited time. 

For Muslims, make sure you check the label first before buying because some of the cakes contain alcohol. It is not difficult to differentiate alcoholic and non-alcoholic cakes as they clearly state whether the cakes are alcoholic or not in the menu. 

In term of service, I feel that the service is good. The staff manage the customers and assign seat for them quite fast. Overall, I am really satisfied with the crepe cakes at Nadeje Cake Shop. Although the price is considered expensive for a university student like me, but I think it is really worth to spend my money there with the quality of food that they serve. 

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  1. Lama dah tak datang Mahkota Parade. Rindu :)

    1. Boleh lah cari masa ke Mahkota Parade lepas ni😁.

  2. Those are nice-looking crepe cakes indeed 🤤

    Dah lama cheq tak pi Melaka, dan dah agak lama juga cheq tak makan crepe cake 😆

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  4. sedapnya yang Durian Musang King Crepe Cake tu..

    1. Sebagai peminat durian, saya memang suka rasa crepe cake musang king tu.

  5. Sedapnya Banana Chocolate Crepe Cake


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