Trying Food at 10 Gram Restaurant, Tamarind Square Cyberjaya

Hi everyone. Today I am going to share with you about my experience trying the food at 10 Gram Restaurant.

This restaurant has a few branches but I went to the branch which is located at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya. In term of location, I felt that it's quite hard to find the restaurant, especially if you are not familiar with Tamarind Square.

However, probably you can find the block with many restaurants or cafes or just search the specific location online. My visit there was actually unplanned. 

My friends and I were really hungry at that time. So, we just entered the restaurant nearby. For your information, there were both indoor and outdoor dining area. During our visit, we sat in the outdoor area. 

To be honest, I really enjoyed the outdoor area because we could see the amazing scenery from our seats while enjoying our food.

We ordered almost the same thing actually, only our drinks were different. However, I'm going to review about my food only since I only took the photos of my food and drink.

Let's see what I ordered.

Teh Tarik

Since the drink arrived first, I am going to talk about it first. The teh tarik tasted just nice and it was so good to have it as the weather was quite hot. Nothing much to talk about the drink actually😂.

Let's see the main star of today's entry.

Crispy Chicken Chop with Tomato Spaghetti

For the food, I ordered crispy chicken chop with tomato spaghetti. As you can see from the picture, the food looks so good. The portion was really big and I was struggling to finish the food after finishing the teh tarik.

The meal consists of fried chicken chop, french fries, tomato spaghetti, coleslaw and balck pepper sauce. There were three options of sauce (mushroom / black pepper / garlic). I ordered mushroom sauce but the sauce already finished, so they replaced it with black pepper sauce. All were nice, especially the coleslaw and chicken.

It was really a meaningful lunch because we are not sure when we will have another opportunities to spend time with each other. 

Everyone is busy with their own life now but I hope that we can still find some time to just go out, eat and talk with each other like what we used to do before.

That's all for today. See you in my next entry😊. 

*Bear in mind that what I have shared are based on my experience and food preferences. I also just tried one type of food so it could not give an overall picture of all the dishes available there. Visiting at different time and to different branches may cause some differences too. 

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  1. Dia punya chicken chop nampak menarik..

  2. Wow.. Tomato Spaghetti tu nampak menarik..

    1. Ya, Kak Sha. Tapi struggle untuk habiskan sebab ada fries juga😂.


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